Death To The Drawers, No Prayers For You

by INFIDEL on May 10, 2010

I just came across a post at Sunni Forum that gives a plethora of reasons why those who (aka mischief makers) draw or defame the image of Muhammad should die. It’s quite frightening that there are countries that don’t mess around with this. Here are some of the quotes:

Qatada (ra) says the meaning of mischief is:

(“Do not make mischief on the earth), that is disbelief and acts of disobedience. Abu Ja`far said that Ar-Rabi` bin Anas said that Abu Al-`Aliyah said that Allah’s statement,

(And when it is said to them: “Do not make mischief on the earth,), means, “Do not commit acts of disobedience on the earth. Their mischief is disobeying Allah, because whoever disobeys Allah on the earth, or commands that Allah be disobeyed, he has committed mischief on the earth. Peace on both the earth and in the heavens is ensured (and earned) through obedience (to Allah). Ar-Rabi` bin Anas and Qatadah said similarly.

Ibn Taymiyyah says in “Mukhtasar As-Saram Al-Maslool `Ala Shatim Ar-Rasul (Summary of The Drawn Sword Against the One Who Curses the Messenger) Pages 31-33”

Whoever Curses the Prophet Peace and Blessings be Upon him, Muslim or Kafir, Must be Killed.

There have been suggestions that those offended should offer prayers for the drawers but that is not the case;

“ And never offer prayer for any one of them who dies and do not stand by his grave; surely they disbelieve in Allah and His Messenger and they shall die in transgression.”
[Qur'an 9:84]

What do you think about what they are saying? Please write a comment.

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