Free speech vs. fundamentalist Islam?

by INFIDEL on May 11, 2010

Article from On Faith.
I think it has some really good points:

I assure you we believe in freedom of expression just as much as you purport to do,” wrote the Vice President of the University of Wisconsin’s MSA.
One of the arguments that the Muhammad chalkers seem to be making is that attacking sacred cows protects free speech.
This seems to me largely a trick of language. When something gets called a “Sacred Cow”, it must be attacked. When the mantle of free speech is raised, it must be defended. And when Muslims are in the picture, all 1.5 billion of us somehow get linked to the Dragon Threatening Civilization rather than being viewed as your neighbors just trying to go about our business.
It’s always interesting to see which items get labeled sacred cows and therefore invite attack.
Is a sick grandmother a sacred cow? If you staple pictures of that image on bulletin boards and write, “Isn’t cancer hilarious?” are you defending free speech, or are you just being a jerk?
Is the ‘N’ word a sacred cow? If you walk into the middle of Harlem and scream that slur at the top of your lungs, are you a First Amendment hero, or just a bigot?
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