Can The Qu’ran Be Trusted?

by INFIDEL on June 26, 2010

This is a well done video but I wanted to comment on the section about the Qu’ran from 4:30 – 4:51. Here’s what he said:

“The meaning of the Qu’ran translated in English is not the Qu’ran since the Qu’ran is only in Arabic. Any translation is only a mere attempt to translate it . . ”


  1. If you don’t speak or read Arabic how can you know that the Qu’ran is true?
  2. Linguist interpretation is an explanation or meaning of a text from and by a person
  3. If you can’t trust an interpretation of the Arabic Qu’ran in any language than Arabic then how can you trust any person’s explanation of the Qu’ran in English or any other language?
  4. Why would Allah create a holy book that is only perfect in the language it was first written in if He knew that most of the world would never learn Arabic?

So the problem, as I see it, is this:
The Arabic Qu’ran cannot be taught, explained or applied to the modern world since any interpretation or explanation of the Qu’ran is not the Qu’ran. In short, the true Qu’ran is useless to the modern person because he cannot know what is true concerning his life and theology. If an Arabic speaking Islam evangelist converts someone to Islam who doesn’t speak Arabic then that evangelist becomes the middle man of proper theology between the one who converted and Allah because he is the only one who can read it. This is because the non speaking Arabic Muslim cannot trust Qu’rans that have been translated in another language. So what happens when the Islamic evangelist cannot speak Arabic? How does that evangelist know he is speaking the truth since he cannot read the true Qu’ran but only a mere translation? As a result, that Muslim who cannot speak Arabic believes a religion that he cannot possibly know is true. 

What Say You?

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