Deceptive Jesus, the Qu’ran, and Tradition

by INFIDEL on June 28, 2010

I can certainly appreciate the culture and the traditions of Islam but it is fraught with double talk and questionable behavior from it’s leader. Here is the comment that I made on the youtube channel (click on the vid) concerning time stamp 1:10 when the man comments that during prayer the men and women may read about the story of “Jesus and Mary.”  Here is my comment:

To bad Jesus of the Qu’ran is not the same one of the Bible and in fact the Jesus of the Qu’ran was a con artist. You know….before Jesus was crucified he switched it up and put Judas on the cross. As a result, Jesus’ mom and family were decived because they thought he was dead when he wasn’t. Gee, I guess for Muslims being like Jesus the Prophet means deceiving your family.

What Say You?

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