I Hope More of My Children Become Martyrs

by INFIDEL on June 29, 2010

Here is a montage of footage showing the martyrdom education and propaganda that are given to children and the status families are given when one of their own becomes a martyr. The title of the post was taken from a mother’s pride of having her son named as a martyr (5:34).

How is it that a mother can desire and wish death upon her child? How is it that a mother can conceive, protect her womb and then nurture her child for the sole purpose of dismembering him for a “greater good?” Do you remember the movie, The Hurt Locker, in a moving scene when speaking to Muslim guards asks the question, “Does Allah love your children more than mine?” Well according to these women Allah just appreciates Muslim babies dying more than the death of baby infidels.

You know I don’t hear “moderate” Muslims standing up to people and thought like this. If an “extremist” is only an outlier and not “true Islam” then why don’t moderate Muslims take back their religion and it’s integrity? Why don’t they stand up to those in the middle east and fight for a MIddle East of true Islam? The Reason? Because they are scared and they know that “extreme” Islam is the Islam of Muhammad. He killed and conquered for his faith so why shouldn’t those who follow him do the same?

We are not dealing with rational people when they are willing to let their children die.  What Say You?

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