Little Terrorist Explains Why Muslims Are Forbidden To Listen To Music

by INFIDEL on June 26, 2010

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian child preacher Muslim Sa’id,which aired on Al-Nas TV on July 2, 2009.

Interviewer: Sheik Muslim, we’ve been discussing the Islamic ruling about singing and music. As we know, the Prophet Muhammad said: “Among my followers, there will be some people who will consider as lawful…”

Muslim Sa’id: … illegal sexual intercourse, silk, alcohol, and musical instruments.”

Interviewer: Very good. Thats right. Sheik Muslim, we would like you to explain this blessed hadith to us.

Muslim Sa’id: The problem is that not enough things are being done, and that people insist on listening to the forbidden singing, to which many people have become addicted except a few, upon whom God has taken mercy. It has gotten to the point that this singing distracts them from many of the religious and worldly matters important to them. This has led to a waste of time and money, to insisting upon sin, and to binding the heart to things other than God. I do not understand what makes people insist upon this. Do they doubt the ruling that [singing] is forbidden? Or is this a weakness of faith and determination? My brother, who proclaims that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah: what is better to listen to the All Merciful or to listen to Satan?
Mr. Sa’id, I have a question, which my brothers in elementary school can answer. What is the opposite of “consider as lawful”? Forbidding. This means that these issues, mentioned in the hadith, are forbidden, but they are permitting them. Third, they give these things names that are not theirs. This shows that they are changing what these things are called, in order to attract people to them. Fourth, they call “illegal sexual intercourse” or adultery “sex education.” Fifth, they call wine “spirits.” Sixth, they call the instruments they play “instruments of music and art.” They do this to deceive you you poor guy, you poor girl.

Let’s use simple language. First of all, singing is composed of three things: melody, lyrics, and a singer. First, the melody. When this melody accompanies any words – even lyrics that mention God and His Messenger it is forbidden, with one exception the use of the tambourine among women. Second, the words. If the words call for polytheism or heresy, if they glorify the polytheists, the infidels, or false gods, or if they cause sorrow or arouse the urges, this is forbidden. Third, the singer. If, by means of his style, he encourages feebleness or promiscuity, it is forbidden. Mr. Sa’id, there are singers who wear necklaces, and make their hair stand on end, as if they are holding live electrical wires.

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