Britain In Bed with Islam

by INFIDEL on July 12, 2010

This is an old news feature from 2008 but it’s more relevant than ever so I’ve uploaded it again to remind people.

The news report from American CBN news shows the reality of how Multiculturalism has failed in Britain and how close Britain is to becoming an Islamic state. If they can see it, why can’t people here?

Britain’s top judge says the nation should allow Islamic Sharia law. The head of the Church of England said the same thing

Police dogs might have to wear booties when they search Muslim homes to avoid offending Muslims who believe dogs are unclean. And Britain’s Home Secretary has decided Islamic terrorism should be re-named “anti-Islamic activity.”

“Capitulating to Islam looks inevitable”.

Gina Khan an Islamic Women’s Advocate speaks out against Islam in the UK, as does Paul Ray, who highlighted and went public about the Muslim criminal network operating in his home town of Luton. Both have received death threats from the Muslim community. Paul Ray was arrested for telling the truth on his blog and charged with inciting racial hatred.

“Whole sections of Britain are now considered dangerous no-go areas for Britain’s non-muslim’s”

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