Free-Market Fundamentalism Bad, Islam Good?

by INFIDEL on July 3, 2010

In the description of the Vid it says “Islam is the Solution.” So I have a question. If freedom of man is taken away then who will determine man’s choices? We all have to make choices throughout the day and night. We have to choose what we eat, who we meet, our occupation and leisure.

Capitalism and the Free Market allows people to be free and make those choices. If someone wants to work hard and make a lot of money then that person can do so. If someone just wants to make a few bucks her and there then that person has the freedom to do so.

If capitalism is not the way then who will choose for me because I need money to like, an occupation to buy that food. People need friends so someone will have to choose who I should be acquainted with. So who will determine what I do and how much time should be allocated to each?

So sorry my man I would rather have my freedom and allow others to have the freedom to fail and succeed.

What Say You?

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