Should Islam be Brought to Schools?

by INFIDEL on July 1, 2010

So let me get this straight. He wants the American tax payer to provide additional services and areas at a public school so that Muslim children can feel better about themselves? I don’t think so. He said at one point that Islam is one of the three Abrahamic religions. I assume he is speaking about Christianity and Judaism? Well, I don’t think I remember a Yom Kipper holiday or any other Jewish festivals that were “celebrated” in my public school. Yes we had time off but that time wasn’t off because there were Christians in the school.

Just to make this quick I don’t think it helps the cause to create a “separate but better” environment. What does he think is going to happen when extra time is given to the Muslim child to go to class because he had to wash his feet or the time it takes for him to pray?

What Say You?

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