This Muslim said Jesus, Muhammad, or Buddha are all the same

by INFIDEL on July 5, 2010

WOW, Muhammad is the last prophet until the next one comes. If that weren’t the case then this man would not have said that it was okay to follow Jesus during his time because Jesus was the last prophet at the time. Also, you are limited its speaking with Allah only 5 times a day. If you need something but have already prayed 5 times then you are out of luck.

He says around 4:50 that Islam is not discriminatory? Islam is based on discrimination. Men and women do not hold the same position. Muslims are to be treated different that nonMuslims. Where am I wrong in this?

So why did I say he thinks Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha are the same? Because of his previous statement that the disciples should have followed Jesus because he was the last prophet at that time. So maybe I can be a prophet too and trump Muhammad since I would be the last prophet.

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