Why no Freedom of Religion In Saudi Arabia Dr. Zakir Naik

by INFIDEL on July 9, 2010

Are Non-Muslims allowed to preach their religion and to build their places of worship in an Islamic State? If yes, then why building of Churches are not allowed in Saudi Arabia whereas Muslims are building their Mosques in London and Paris?

Dr. Zakir Naik Answer:
In some Islamic Countries – for example Saudi Arabia propagation of other religions is prohibited. Even construction of any place of worship is also prohibited. So many Non-Muslims ask that when we allow Muslims to preach and build their Mosques in our countries then why we are not allowed to do so in these Muslim countries? In my reply, I ask the Non-Muslims that suppose you are a principal of a school and you intend to select a math teacher.

Three candidates come and you ask them what will be the total of 2+2? The first replies that 2+2=3 and the second one answers that 2+2=4. And the third one answers that 2+2=6. Now I ask these non-Muslims that will they allow the candidates to teach in their school who says that 2+2=3 or that 2+2=6? They say that no. I ask why? They say because he does not have the correct knowledge of mathematics.

Similarly as far as matters of religion are concerned we (Muslims) know for sure that only Islam is the True religion in the eyes of God. In 3:85 it is mentions that God will never accept any religion other than Islam. Therefore knowing that Islam is the only true religion we DO NOT ALLOW PROPAGATION OF ANY OTHER RELIGION. As far as the second question regarding building of Churches of Temples is concerned, how can we allow this when their religion is wrong? And they their worshiping is also wrong? Thus we will not allow such wrong things in our country.

But is it not so that they (Non-Muslims) think that their religion is true.  Whereas we (Muslims) think that our religion in true?  

Dr. Zakir Naik:
One thing must be understood that the non-Muslims will not allow to teach 2+2=3 in their schools.  Because they are sure that 2+2=4.  Similarly in religious matters only we know for sure that we are right – they are not sure if they have been sure then why should they have allowed wrong things to be preached?  Thus in our country we can’t allow preaching other religions because we know for sure that only Islam is the right religion.

Will it not be against “Human Rights”?

Dr. Zakir Naik:
Not at all. However, if a Non-Muslim like to practice his religion in Islamic country then he can do so inside his home – but he can’t propagate his religion. It is exactly as if a teacher thins in his mind that 2+2=3 then he has the right to do so but we can never allow such a person to teach this to our children.

Non-Muslims are no doubt expert in science & technology and we invite them from Europe & USA to teach us Science & Technology but in the matters of religion we are to expert. The (Non-Muslims) are not sure about religious truths. Thus we are trying to get them to the right path of Islam.  Therefore we propagate our religion to the non-Muslims

Only Mullahs can apprehend the unjust principal of “Might is right” and the ridiculous analogy of school teacher in its support.  Is there any difference – at this point – between mental level of Scholar of international fame like Dr. Zakir Naik & the mental level of Taliban.  Even a person of slightest wisdom knows that usually everyone thinks that his religion is True while others are not.

Dr. Zakir Naik:
According to this principal of Mullahs will it not be legitimate for Indian and other non-Muslim countries to prohibit the preaching of religious which they consider as wrong?  The history of religion is evident that this principal which these Mullahs are attributing towards Islam was always retained favorite of the enemies of the of the truth. 

These were non-believers of Mecca which always prohibited the preaching of the Holy Prophet in Islam, by giving exactly the same lame excuses as these Mullahs are doing today. 

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  • Michalscofield90

    This is the most funniest answer I have ever heard.What if USA bans Islam?

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    • Immi

       All muslims will leave Islam.

    • Immigreat54

       All muslims will leave USA

  • tv_gadget

    Lets see,when prophet muhammad was preaching islam he was exiled from makkah because the dominant religion and their leaders such as ABU LAHAB didnt allow any other religion,they claimed that ”we have the perfect religion that our ancestors have been following for generations” why should we allow muhammad to preach his?…say what now???

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