Young People Are Much Easier to Be Employed for Terrorism

by INFIDEL on July 10, 2010

This show went live at Russia Today satellite TV channel 04/06/2010

Igor Khokhlov from the Institute of World Economy and International Relations believes the main reason that young people join terrorist networks is that they do not completely understand the value of life.

One of these young terrorists was suicide bomber Maryam Sharipova, who committed one of the deadly blasts in the Moscow Metro on 29, March.

“Usually it’s quite young people, people who are just starting their life, they don’t understand the value of life completely — that I think is one of the main reasons,” he said, adding “Terrorism is not an ideology, terrorism is a method.”

“This kind of method is to impose the will of the minority over the majority. It is usually the organizations that don’t have public support in the society and usually the try to employ younger people who don’t maybe understand the politics very well, who don’t understand the whole complexity of modern life. So, they try to look for easy solutions and the younger people are much easier to be employed for this.”

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