A Message to Muslim Sisters. Sorry You’re Out of luck

by INFIDEL on August 3, 2010

This is what I wrote on Youtube.com

how can you say that Islam saves people from the hell fire when Allah does not promise anyone eternal life. Well, except those who die for the faith. Well, if someone doesn’t die for the faith how can anyone have hope. Sounds like a gamble to me. What are your thoughts?

Also, what else do you want from Muslim women?

  • They wear burqas
  • The Qu’ran states they are property of their husbands and fathers
  • Two women’s brains equal the cognizant ability of one man
  • They are not educated equally as a man
  • They are never know if they are in the good graces of Allah

Also, if a man cannot be sure if they are saved because Allah doesn’t give assurances then why should a women even try because they have a lesser chance to be in the good graces of Allah.

If I am wrong then let me know where I am wrong.

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