Beating Husbands Lookie Here (Pt 1)

by INFIDEL on August 15, 2010

Bahraini Cleric Abdullah Aal Mahmuc
Bahrain TV
June 20, 2005

  1. If the husband wants to use beatings to treat his wife:
  2. He must never ever do it in front of the children
  3. It must remain between him and her
  4. It must be done according to the following conditions;
  5. He must not cause bleeding or bruise her body.
  6. He should avoid her face and other sensitive parts of her body.

As we’ve said, the limitations on beatings are:

  1. They must not cause bleeding
  2. They should not break any bones
  3. They should not be on the face,
  4. And they should not bruise her

If the husband violates these rules,
He violates the rules of Allah.

If she has been hurt,
The husband is held liable for what he has done,
Because the woman is not his merchandise
He cannot do to her whatever he wants even if the wife forgives the husband

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