CAIR-LA Video: Muslim Disney Worker Claims Discrimination

by INFIDEL on August 19, 2010

This lady has been working for Disney for two years and all of a sudden is wondering why they are upset that she is wearing a hijab? Please, Disney hires “actors” and as such each employee must play their part. Here’s a question. Do you think that it would be okay for a Christian actor to accept a job as an atheist but then get upset then he can respect then name of Jesus? No. You would ask that guy, “Why did you take that job?” Same thing here. Disney isn’t keeping her from working, paying her less, making her work more hours for less money. All they are doing is asking her to work as she agreed to when she signed the papers to be employed.

Hey, CAIR would it be okay if I work for you but wear a shirt that reads, “Down with the black man?”

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