Disney Hijab Minority Verses Teacher Burqa Majority

by INFIDEL on August 28, 2010

We have all heard by now about Imane Boudla who is suing Disney for not allowing her to wear a Hijab to work. She is obviously the minority and a Muslim and thus all those who support Disney are Islamaphobic. In fact, Time Magazine thought the same thing in their most recent mag. Should America be more tolerant? Should America embrace Islam because of their peaceful ways and views of equality? Should America reject it’s history of pain and suffering it has caused minorities all over the world? But wait, what would America look like in which the majority were Muslim and an Islamic United States?

Enter, stage right, this vid on a teacher who is refusing to wear her Burqa. She’s the minority. So were is the justice and the out cry of her rights to wear what she would like?  The truth is that Muslims aren’t really looking for equal rights for all. They are really looking to have Islam the national religion and be governed by Sharia Law.

Summary: woman at Disney is upset because Disney won’t let her wear her Hijab in the manner she would like. She’s not fired and Disney attempted to meet her half way. Half way around the world a woman is threatened because she refuses to wear a burqa. It’s my guess that this woman would rather live in a society that values personal freedom like America. What are you thoughts?

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