I’ll take Shadey Jihadists For $1 Million, Trebek

by INFIDEL on August 3, 2010

Training the enemy — a policy that could only have been formulated by people who have no conception of the jihad doctrine or any will to fight it.
“Hundreds of German-financed Somalia police officers go missing,” from Deutsche Welle via Garowe Online, July 31 (thanks to Block Ness):
Almost 1,000 Somali police have gone missing after their training was financed by the German government. It is feared these officers will now join forces with the Islamist militants Al-Shabaab. In September 2009, the German government released $1 million (760,000 euros) of funding to train Somali police officers. The training took place in Ethiopia, and the new recruits were equipped with uniforms, weapons and knowledge with the aim of sending them back into Somalia to try and keep peace in the fractured country.

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