Interview: Muslim Saudi Arabian Executioner Part 2

by INFIDEL on August 26, 2010

Man: The rulings of the Shari’a – executions or other punishments decreed by Allah – are carried out by the sword not by hanging or by gunfire. In the past, gunfire was used and the victim’s guardian was allowed to do the shooting but out of the fear of possible injustice.  Saudi Arabia decided that executions would be carried out by the sword.

Like we said at the beginning of the show the executioner Abdallah Al-Bishi will be joining us shortly. There are several executioners in Saudi Arabia, but there are no accurate figures. According to the figures we obtained in our research, there are 6 executioners in Saudi Arabia, but there may be a few others. There are no accurate figures.

Woman: They operate in different regions. Sometimes Abdallah Al-Bishi is asked to travel to another region to carry out an execution. We will talk to him about that and about the young executioners he has trained.

Man: do you cut off hands, or do you just do beheadings?

Abdallah Al-Bishi: Yes, yes. I carry out the punishment of cutting off theives’ hands as well as the cutting off of a hand and a leg on alternate sides as is written in the Koran.

Woman: Abdallah, when you carry out the punishment of cutting off limbs, do you anesthetize the condemned person or is it done without anesthesia like beheadings?

Abdallah: With regard to the cutting off of a hand, or of both a hand and a leg, it is done with local anesthesia only.

Woman: But a person who is being beheaded is definitely not anesthetized, right?

Abdallah: No, he is not anesthetized at all.

Man: Abu Badr, do you remember the first time you carried out an execution? Do you remember that day?

Abdallah: I remember it to this day. I was surprised when the officials in charge asked me to carry out one of Allah’s punishments. When I came, I was told it would be an execution, and I said: “no problem.” I took the sword that used to belong to my father, may he rest in peace.

Man: How old were you then?

Abdallah: At that point I was . . . I was a man.

Man: you are a man at any age, there’s no doubt about that, but how old were you?

Abdallah: I don’t remember exactly – 32 or 35 years old. I began in 1412.

Man: How was the experience, especially since it was your first time. How did you feel?

Abdallah: Every person is a bit worried when he starts a new job and is afraid he might fail.

Woman: Abdallah, what was your most difficult beheading? Have you ever beheaded someone you knew?

Abdallah: Yes, I have beheaded many people who were my friends, but whoever commits an offense brings it on himself.

Man: A viewer from Riyadh called to ask, whether you execute both men and women.  Do you execute women, and do you feel anything different when you execute a woman and a man?

Abdallah: an execution is an execution. The difference is that sometimes, when you execute a man, he cannot control his nerves, and sit or stand straight so that the job can be done.

Man: As for women, do you feel more compassion than for men?  We know you are merely carrying out (the sentence), but what do you feel?

Abdallah: If I felt compassion for the person I was executing, he would suffer.  If the heart is compassionate, the hand fails.

Man: When you behead more than three or four people at once, does it affect you?  My second question is: Do you need a break between execution? Does it affect you or not?

Abdallah: allah be praised, there is nothing to it. Three, four, five, or six – there is nothing to it. It’s entirely normal. An execution is an execution, and as long as the person stands straight . . . as long as the person stands straight, it makes our job much easier.

Woman: Abdallah, we’ve heard that one day, you were execution several people, and the sword broke. Is that true? Tell us that story, please.

Abdallah: It was the handle that came off, not the blade.

Man: Are you training your eldest son Badr or one of his brothers to do the same job in the future especially since you inherited this profession from your father?

Abdallah: Allah be praised, Badr is about to be appointed to the position in Riyadh

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  • Joedirt1984

    Now i know why i hate towel heads! sick disgusting abusive nauseating people!

  • Anonymous

    com’ on man…we don’t need to call them that . . . .we do however need to call out the fact that there are many muslims who would like to see this type of justice be demonstrated here in the States.

  • Kill Saudis

    I wonder how this man is going to weep in the hours before we run 200 mgs of pancurium bromide, and 15mg Flumenazil into him and watch him expire with his eyes glazed in terror and his mouth wide open. The 15 mgs Flumenazil are over the top and will cause seizures but the pb should blovk impulse at nicotinic motor neurons.

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