Muslims Say Ban the Silly Burka

by INFIDEL on August 8, 2010

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Here is Tarek Fatah, was one of the founders of the Muslim Canadian Congress in 2001 and served as its communications director and spokesperson until 2006 when he resigned due to extremists in the ranks. . In this capacity, he has spoken out against the introduction of Sharia law as an option for Muslims in civil law in Ontario. This is a clip from the Michael Coren Show, great Canadian talk of current events, latest news. October 2009.
A Canadian Muslim group called on the banning of the Burqa in public. Anyone concealing their face in public should be outlawed. Face masks that were used to rob a bank in Toronto wasn’t reported by the liberal media. Women walking around like meat in public. Banks, Retail, public sales, Montreal airport, school bus drivers, courtroom, need not have the Niqab, veil covering their identity. Why does the Muslim community make their women walk around in a black tent? Imagine if the kkk wardrobe walked around and boarded an airplane? Religious sensitivities in the Islam world is outrageous. We live in a cultural society where there is freedom of religion, they have the right to wear what they want to wear. The Muslim Canadian Congress. That costume looks ridiculous and provocative, especially after the sensitivities after 911. Look at the streets of Lahore, Pakistan, no burkas there like there is in the streets of major cities in Canada. This notion that women are so weak that they can’t make a decision on there own, women’s rights. The Human Rights Commission removed the necessity of using photo ID passes on the transit in Toronto because of complaints from the Islam community. A National Security issue. Hijab, nothing wrong with that.
October 2009- The Muslim Canadian Congress (MCC) is asking Ottawa to introduce legislation to ban the wearing of masks, niqabs and the burka in all public dealings.
In a statement, the MCC said, not only is the wearing of a face-mask a security hazard and has led to a number of bank heists in Canada and overseas, the burka or niqab are political symbols of Saudi inspired Islamic extremism.
The MCC dismissed the argument that wearing of a face-mask by Muslim women is protected by the Charter’s guarantee of religious freedom. The MCC said, there is no requirement in the Quran for Muslim women to cover their faces. Invoking religious freedom to conceal one’s identity and promote a political ideology, is disingenuous.
The MCC pointed to the the recent decision by Egypt’s highest Muslim authority, Sheikh Mohamed Tantawi, dean of al-Azhar university, who said he will issue a Fatwa religious edict against the niqab and burka.
The Egyptian newspaper al-Masri al-Yom quoted Sheikh Tantawi as saying the niqab was merely a cultural tradition and had no connection to religion or the Koran. The MCC said if there is any doubt about the religiosity of the burka, one should take a look at the holiest place for Muslims the grand mosque in Mecca. For over 1,400 years, Muslim men and women have prayed in what we believe is the House of God, and for all these centuries, female visitors have been explicitly prohibited from covering their faces. France and Belgium.
Farzana Hassan, communications director of the MCC said, Islamists are defending the burka as if it was the central pillar of Islam. They consider Muslim women who do not cover their heads and faces the vast majority as sinners or lesser Muslims. It is of utmost importance that the Canadian government take the lead and end this medieval misogynist practice once and for all. The MCC statement regretted that while the rest of the world is moving toward the goal of gender equality, right here in Canada Islamists are pushing back the clock, convincing educated Muslim women, they are no more than sexual objects and a source of sin, if they reveal their faces in public.

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  • Anonymous

    I do not belive her that muslim woman could vote in 800 in Syria or Egipt or Saudi Araibia. I think nobody could vote back then. Islam is totalitarian religion, that do not allow any think, that is not writen in Koran.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, I think that American Muslim Women have latched onto the words inheritance and voting when speaking about women’s rights. I just wish they would give us some specifics.

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