Sharia Law And Declaration of Independence The Same By Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

by INFIDEL on August 25, 2010

Who would have thought that an Imam would say that the United States is a Sharia Compliant State. But what do I know? I’m just your average infidel.

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  • Anonymous

    Ignorance is just as evil and dangerous as the terrorist. Those laughing along with Rauf in their smug elitistism are “useful idiots” who haven’t got a clue.rnrnSharia in any form is NOT compliant with our Constitution and/or Declaration of Independence.

  • Art Telles

    Definitely the “right” scoop…nnPosting the anti-woman pictures, articles and videos that accurately show the anti-human side of supremacist political Islam is gutsy, but right on the mark.nnWelcome to the right(eous) “kamph”… uh, “jihad”… uh, I mean “struggle” Scoop.nnOne of these days, the RightScoop could be the go-to site for cutting edge info, along with AtlasShrugs and JihadWatch and FrontpageMag and TheReligionOfPeace and ProphetOfDoom and et al. nnAlthough is a static info site, it is a “forever” site to educate the “misunderstanders” of supremacist Islam… uninformed and misinformed.nnArtnSTOP! Islamization Of America

  • Anonymous

    two thumbs up for that comment

  • Korz P

    This guy is NUTS !

  • Anonymous

    I agree that the GZ mosque is going to support Sharia Law because Islam calls for communities and nations to be under Islamic teachings. The muslim “extremist” and “moderate” are the same in that they want the same result. Islamic government. nnWe don’t have to work the 501 stratagy. The main one that America needs to do not tolerate any community or law that wants to get rid or create laws that are against our Constitution. That’s basically what the Islamic NO-GO zones are in the US and around the world. The police don’t even like/go into those communities and if some unknowing soul goes in to hand a tract he could get beat up. And what do the police do….stand back because he should have known better.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! Yes I agree with you that we simply need to oppose and do away with the No-Go zones, which amaze me that those are even here in America! I mean I live near Oakland, CA and there are places you don’t WANT to go, but areas like we see in Dearborn just fire me up. rnrnI was thinking that with the 501 move, we could at least get ‘em in the pocket book! Beat ‘em anyway we can & and a couple ways we haven’t thought of yet!rnrnThanks for posting this information. It’s very disturbing but Americans MUST become aware of exactly what it means to accept and become Sharia compliant. Keep up the great work!

  • Knight67

    Let’s enact Sharia law on those and their families who support the GZ mosque.rnThose women in the croud should be the first…

  • Anonymous

    that’s the funny thing huh? They love freedom when it comes to allowing them to take over and control the system of freedom.

  • Martintfre

    Freedom OF religion must include freedom FROM religion.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that it’s freedom FROM religion but that we are freed from the federal government imposing a particular religion on us.n

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen this story a couple of times now… pisses me off more and more every time….

  • Anonymous

    people need to know what is really going on here

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