Why I Wear The Hijab – Muslim Women Speak

by INFIDEL on August 24, 2010

It’s one thing to be a Muslim woman in the free world it is something totally different when being a Muslim woman in the Islamic influence world. Here are some women who offer their thoughts on wearing the hijab. I have included the transcript below.




The reason why I don’t wear the chadari [burqa] or fully cover my face is because the scarf I wear on my head is a traditional Afghan cloth.  Afghans accept this, and it’s the tradition of our people. The other reason is that if I put on a chadari or covered my face.  I wouldn’t get promoted in the department where I work or in the society in which I live.

Unknown Name:

I wear the chadari because it is an Islamic veil, not for any other reason.  We are Muslim. Our fathers, mothers, and ancestors died as Muslims. We will also follow them.



I wear the hijab because it sometimes helps me to get dressed quickly. I don’t need to spend time primping.  I think women with long hair spend a lot of time taking care of their hair in order to look good.  So women only wear the hijab if they don’t have time for that.


I think the hijab creates psychological stress. It’s very noticeable, especially at colleges where the female students try to overcome this stress by adding [fashion] accessories. The way they wear the scarf is not convincing. I’m a college student and I notice this.  Girls wear head scarves but they also wear short-sleeved blouses and short skirts not to mention glaring make-up.



I used to bress more openly. But I also pray, and Allah requires that women dress like this. Now that I follow Allah, how can I not wear the Hijab? So I decided to wear it.  It covers the shameful parts of the body.  Now I am ashamed when een the smallest part of my body is uncovered.  It also protects me from bad eyes, bad things. It protects me.


I wouldn’t wear it, because it doesn’t comply with Kyrgyz traditions.  We [Kyrgyz] never used to wear it. We have our own national dress. It’s Arab. That’s why I am against Kyrgyz women wearing it.


For example, I do Namaz [Muslim Prayers.] So, I pray, I behave, I don’t sin. I don’t wear the hijab, but in the future if my husband asks me to, I might.


Halima Hasanova

I wear the veil because it’s a religious requirement of Islam and when you wear the veil, people respect you.


I don’t wear that kind of dress because I like the clothes I’m wearing now.  I’m also a student, and the university doesn’t allow you to wear the veil.



I’ve worn the veil for seven years, and I think it’s important for all women in Islam.  It’s meant to protect women’s beauty from unfamiliar men so that they will be safer in society and at work.  So the hijab is to protect women’s beauty from stranger’ glances.


Every woman belongs to one man – her husband. Her beauty should not be seen by others.

UlikerI haven’t seen any need for the hijab so far.  I think they invented this reul in Islam to protect women from men’s sexual passion. But I don’t think it really protects women from harassment or violence.

Tatarstan, Russian


Once at university I saw a beautiful Muslim woman. I thought, “One can wear a head scarf and look beautiful.”  It was so moving for me that I went and bought this clothing for myself, and wore it the next day.  There were people who didn’t like this at all, some people shouted some things at me or said some unpleasant words. But I endured it all.  Now this hardly happens to me at all.



I think that religion is something that should be private and personal so I don’t consider myself a non-believer because I don’t wear a head scarf.


I want to cover what dear Allah has ordered me to cover.  It came to me gradually. I simply couldn’t walk around like that any longer dressed in the way that’s generally accepted in our society. I had to fulfill my own needs.  The time to tell myself that I could not be hypocritical anymore had come. I don’t have anything against my friends or colleagues who are dressed a little bit more freely.  That’s their choice.

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