Defending Stoning: Multiculturalists & Muslims United

by INFIDEL on September 13, 2010

There’s a lot of topics that they are addressing but I wanted to shortly speak about “moral imperialism” that Dr. Aric Sigman, a psychologist, speaks of concerning the stoning Iran or in the Middle East in general. In short, he is asking, “who are we to tell them they are wrong.” In other words, “Do not attempt to invade them, take over their culture, and make them believe as you believe.” The good psychologist seems to think that moral relativism is the truth of the day and if anyone attempts to trump it is wrong. But wait. How can he tell me that I’m wrong for not believing his moral system but tell me I’m wrong for not wanting a culture to torture it’s people? Moral relativism is sometimes the go to topic when you’re tired of group discussion in Philosophy 101. But here are a few thoughts that Dr. Sigman has missed.

He attributes goodness to the Iranian culture and states that a kind people wouldn’t stone or torture it’s own people. But’ what’s wrong with a culture when kindness and brutality cohabit? What’s wrong with a society in which only one religion is acceptable and all others are demonized? What’s wrong with a culture that says that all people are not free or equal based on their religion or sex?

Dr. Sigman has got it wrong because he thinks there is no truth concerning humanity. Humanity is either free and has rights or it doesn’t. Humanity either has intrinsic value from the time of conception or it doesn’t. If Humanity does have freedom, rights, and value then it should be treated in that manner. If humanity does not have freedom, rights, and value then each country and culture is free to do as they please with their weaker people.

We can tell other countries to stop stoning and torturing their people because it does not align itself with the view of a free and valuable individuals.

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