Obama The “Brother” To The World

by INFIDEL on September 24, 2010

Carol Mulumba (centre in front row) and her family pose with Obama in the White House Oval OfficeBy Henry Mukasa

America is seeing President Obama as not much of an “American President.” He’s concerned more about getting along with Muslim who are determined to destroy America than protecting America and Americans. Well, (I put it in bold) this is just another example that the world does not see Obama as an American President but just a man with interests elsewhere. This little girl had the great opportunity to meet an American President and she calls him brother. I don’t want this to be over thought but it’s interesting.

By Henry Mukasa

US President Barack Obama met a nine-year-old Ugandan girl who made a wish to meet the powerful leader when she heals from sickle-cell anaemia.

Carol Mulumba, now free from sickle cell, underwent a bone-marrow transplant at Methodist Children’s Hospital in the US in 2008. The bone marrow, donated by her brother, Mark, helped her body start producing normal red blood cells.

Carol Mulumba is a daughter of a Ugandan-American couple, Captain Lukiah Mulumba and Abudallah Mulumba. The US army paid for Carol’s treatment.

When she was hospitalised, Make a wish Foundation asked Carol to make a wish and her desire was to meet Obama. In July, Carol led the family to a “once in a lifetime” meeting with the US President. The White House released the photographs Obama took with the family last week.

“President Barack Obama himself opened the oval office door and said, ‘Hi Carol?’ She replied, ‘Yes, President Obama,’” Carol’s mother recalled.

“He (Obama) then asked Carol to introduce all of us. He noted our accent and asked us where we came from? We replied, ‘Uganda.’ He then said, ‘Oh you are my cousins.’ I replied, ‘you are our brother,’” Mulumba narrated in an email to New Vision.

Mulumba said Obama thanked her several times for serving in the US military. “Carol talked about her illness to President Obama. He posed for pictures with Carol and then all of us,” Mulumba explained.

Obama autographed one photograph for Carol, gave her gifts which included a presidential ‘WH coin’ and gave a ‘five-fist’ to Mark who donated the bone marrow that saved his sister’s life. “You are my man,” Obama reportedly told Mark.

Make a Wish Foundation grants wishes of children between the age of 2-and-a-half and 18 years, diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition.

In October, Carol will celebrate her second full year free from sickle cell anemia. Sickle cell is an inherited blood disorder that causes excruciating pain, organ damage and early death.

Carol’s mother, through the Uganda-American Sickle Cell Rescue Fund, has become an activist in the prevention and treatment of sickle cell.

The NGO recently bought a van for the Sickle Cell Association in Uganda and has mobilised Ugandans living in the city of Dallas in the US to raise funds for the construction of a sickle cell centre in Uganda. The centre, which will cost over sh1b, will be built at Namalere in Kawanda, Wakiso district.

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