Utah Uses Star And Crescent Moon On Official Website?

by INFIDEL on September 20, 2010

In light of all the talk about Sharia Law and “no go” zones in America and  Britain you would think that government agencies would be sure not to align themselves with any hint of Islamic influence. Apart from implementing Sharia Law, the best way you can give a wink to Islam is with the star and crescent moon. Although there are some Muslims who reject the use of any image that would represent Islam, it is undeniable that the star and crescent moon are present on nearly all Islamic countries‘ flags. With this in mind, why in the world would any federal or state government website show anything that even slightly resembled the star and crescent moon? I don’t know, but Utah sure did. Take a look at a screen shot of one of Utah’s websites. Notice the stars that seem to outline the crescent.

I’m not going to huff and puff about this particular point,but if you scroll your mouse over each of the choices you get this:

Does Utah have a history of using a semi circle and a star? I don’t know why the webmaster would use this image in a state with the highest population of Mormons. Is there a voting base of Muslims that feel they are not getting heard? Are the Muslims going door to door, kicking the Mormon evangelists off their bikes and threatening them? Before you think I might be going too far on this, consider how sensitive Islamists are becoming: They get upset and want to kill or harm those who would burn the Qu’ran, but if a fellow traveler doesn’t want to fly on a plane with Imams who pray at a departure gate saying “Allah Akbar” that traveler is labeled Islamophobic.  What do you think they will conclude when they see anything that resembles an advancement of their faith?

So do I think that Utah has been taken over by Islamists? No. Do I think the webmaster and designer weren’t thinking and should change it? Yes. Unlike President Obama, no state should allow any hint they they are giving nod to an Islamist’s influence and bowing down to their specious claim that just because we don’t want Sharia law in the United States, we deserve to die.

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