[VIDEO] Muhammad And Allah Who Got The Koran All Wrong

by INFIDEL on September 23, 2010

Ever wonder why Muslims will only speak about the “peaceful” verses from the Qu’ran but then others will recite the violent ones? How is it that one verse can say to save a life and another say to kill Jews? Well, this video does a great job in answering that question In terms of abrogation. In short, Abrogation means to annul or cancel something with appropriate or legal authority. This is highly problematic when it comes to God and his messenger. How is it that God, all knowing and powerful, would tell the prophet one thing and then years later tell him something entirely different. Either Allah was wrong, Muhammad got it wrong, or they are both wrong and are a fraud. Here is a great article on the problems with abrogation. Take a read.

This video can be a little hokie but the truth is the truth

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