[VIDEO] This Is Just Funny To Me

by INFIDEL on September 21, 2010

So the week of October 22 is suppose to be a week of dialogue? When was the last time that CAIR was interested in dialogue and for what purpose? The goal of Islam is to have it implemented 100% around the world. I know what you’re thinking? What religion doesn’t. Yes, but what religion allows for violence when someone refuses that belief. So for CAIR to get up here and say they are interested in nonbelievers coming to mosques just to see or that Muslims should go visit other churches and beliefs is just bunk.

If I go to a mosque can I pray as I like? Can a man go visit a mosque and pray next to his wife? No, I am expected to do as the Muslims do there. But I bet if a devout Muslim goes to a Catholic Church he’s not going to be kneeling in front of the pew in front of the Crucifixion. No. I expect Muslims are going to ask a whole lot more from infidels than we would politely ask of them.

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