Christian Convert Saved From Death Penalty In Afghanistan

by INFIDEL on February 26, 2011

Where would justice be without Christians? Christians are the ones that saved slaves and helped pass laws to free them? Christians are the ones who believed in individual rights including the rights of women. (Sorry Muhammad, Jesus respected and taught that women were loved by God just as much as God loved men). So what would happen in an Islamic society were people are imprisoned for their beliefs? Who will help them? The fact is that no one would. This man was in jail facing death and would have died save the fact that CHRISTIANS stepped in. Do you know what would happen in a Muslim was wrongly accused and Christians could do something about it?  Well. THEY WOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Get a load of this story. It happens so many dang times it is ridicules. I’m not one to say burn books because for the simple fact that books can be written by anyone and the freedom of thought to a precious one to keep. But the damage that the teaching of the Qu’ran has done is despicable.

Read this article.

An Afghan man who was jailed for nine months for converting to Christianity has been released after an intense campaign by international diplomatic missions and Christian activists, an official said Friday.

Sayed Mussa, a 46-year-old father of six, left a Kabul jail earlier this week and was taken to see Afghan prosecutors, who did not have enough evidence to charge him, said Gen. Abdul Qayum Safi, director of the detention center.

Aidan Clay, regional manager for International Christian Concern, cheered Mussa’s release but said another convert, Shoaib Assadullah, was still in detention in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif. Assadullah was arrested in October after allegedly giving a copy of a Bible to a friend.

“It has been encouraging to see the international community, including churches, reporters and government officials in Europe and North America work together for the common goal of freeing Sayed,” he said. “Many sleepless nights, prayers and tears have paid off, however, the battle has not yet been won. Shoaib is still imprisoned in northern Afghanistan and fears the death penalty.”

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