Christians Die Because Muhammad Is A Fraud

by INFIDEL on February 28, 2011

There’s no question that there have been more Christians killed for being Christian at the hands of Muslims than Christians killing Muslims. In fact, Christians don’t kill Muslims. The heart of Christian tradition and teaching is to love one’s neighbor no matter who they are. Remember the Jew who said, “Let them hit you again?”

It seems to me that the illegitimacy of the Islam faith is proven by the fact that it’s foundation is built on deception and bulling. Muhammad testified without verification that he was visited by an Angel who bullied him into reading a text and then only believed he was a prophet after being convinced by his wife. Not only that but his 9 year old wife had to convince him of his “calling” years later. Gee, I want to follow a guy like that. And what happens when you follow a deranged man? This is the violence and mess that you get. It never fails!

A total of 62 Christians forced from their village to crude shelters at the edge of the jungle in Saravan Province, Laos, are at a “critical stage” from lack of food and water, an advocacy group warned.

“The wells are drying up as they are going into the dry season, and their food supplies are exhausted” after villagers thwarted their attempts to plant new crops, a source from Human Rights Watch for Lao Religious Freedom (HRWLRF) told Compass. “The authorities have successfully gotten them into a situation where they feel defeated.”

Officials marched 11 Christian families, totaling 48 people, out of Katin village in Ta-Oih Province at gunpoint in January 2010 after they repeatedly refused to give up their faith. The officials left them to find shelter about six kilometers (nearly four miles) outside the village and confiscated the Christians’ homes, livestock, and essential registration documents.

Late last year, the 11 families planted rice out of season on commonly-owned village land to sustain themselves and avoid losing hereditary rights to their plots. On Dec. 26, however, village officials and former neighbors drained water from the plots, stamped on the rice seedlings and burned fences, leaving any remaining plants vulnerable to wandering bulls. (See, “Lao Officials Destroy Rice Paddies, Expel More Christians,” Dec. 29, 2010.)

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