Muhammad Hates Sodomy But Loves The Rope

by INFIDEL on February 25, 2011


Originally published on February 16, 2011 from NewsReal Blog

Homosexuality in the Muslim world is a death sentence.

Keli Goff discussed gays in Egypt in her latest column for the Huffington Post.  You see, it’s Fashion Week, and last year, gay male models and make-up artists in the Muslim world were arrested for wearing and doing make-up in the Sudan. Men who wear nightgowns as day-wear really have a problem with men who wear make-up at night.

Goff writes:

while Egypt does not have an anti-sodomy law on the books like many of the countries on the list do, other laws have been used to target and arrest gays and lesbians there. For instance, the country has laws against so-called debauchery, and violating religious teachings which Human Rights Watch points out was used to arrest 52 gay men at a club in 2001.  Dubbed ‘The Cairo 52,’ despite the pleas of international humanitarian organizations 23 of the men were sentenced to hard labor.  In 2004 an Egyptian college student was sentenced to seventeen years of hard labor as well, for posting a profile on a gay dating site. Targeting gays and lesbians who attempt to connect online has become increasingly popular among Egyptian authorities in recent years.

Although Goff is outraged over Middle Eastern homosexual abuse, she never once explains why homosexual brutalization is allowed in the Muslim world—Islam’s Koran, Hadith, Sharia Law, and Mohammad’s own words, demand homosexual executions. Simply reporting Islamic abuse of homosexuals ignores the underlying facts—Islam is a violent movement that adheres to aggressive laws.  Without revealing Islam’s true belief system, the Western World is kept blind to a political movement intent on world takeover through violence.  Murdering homosexuals is part of that plan.  Goff’s column for the leftist Huffington Post should have exposed the true Islam.

Goff goes on to say:

While I hate to be a ‘Debbie Downer,’ it must be said that amid the worldwide jubilation that greeted the news of Hosni Mubarak’s retirement from his chosen profession of dictator, not all are celebrating. A big question mark remains regarding what this new era in Egypt will mean for gays and lesbians. There have been fears expressed among some in the LGBT community that the influence of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood demonstrated during the country’s recent protests, could signal a new era of oppression. (Although if you can get sentenced to prison for posting a personals ad online, I guess it’s worth asking how much worse can things get?) The organization’s emphasis on combining religious ideology with policy should give all supporters of LGBT and women’s rights pause, and apparently already is. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has cautioned world leaders about the group, in part for this very reason.

I too hate to be a Debbie Downer, but, Goff only described brutalities against homosexuals in the Middle East, focusing half the column on how frightening Fashion Week has become for Middle Eastern gay male models–wearing eye shadow and leather pants will get you killed.  Though Goff pointed out the possibility of life becoming more deadly for Egyptian gays if the Muslim Brotherhood seizes power, she neglected to inform her fellow lefties that Islamic law disavows human and civil rights to women and homosexuals.

Let’s start facing facts and admitting the truth.  It’s not just Middle Eastern homosexuals who should fear the Muslim Brotherhood, but Americans as well.  The Brotherhood is in America and it wants to plant Sharia Law here. Goff should have put down the leftist political correctness toward Islam and warned Americans what will happen if we allow Islam’s Sharia Law into our Constitution, as the UK has done—more honor killings.  That includes murdering homosexuals.

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