Muslim Taxis Gone Wild: 23 Injured!

by INFIDEL on February 21, 2011

What better way to help stop Muslim Terrorist Profiling than for Muslims to use their taxis as weapons. It’s almost like a bad 1980′s late night flick: Muslim Taxi’s Gone Wild. Who issued that Fatwa?

From Jihad Watch | Fox News

The details are murky and disputed, but here are the basic facts: “Taxi Plows Into Crowd in San Diego,” from, February 12:

SAN DIEGO — A taxi cab driver plowed slowly into a crowd on a sidewalk in San Diego’s busy Gaslamp District early Saturday, injuring more than two dozen people, police said.The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that the crash occurred about 2 a.m. in the middle of the popular restaurant and nightclub zone, close to the city’s convention center….

The driver’s name was not released right away (why not?); he turned out to be Sam Hassan Daly, a 52-year-old Muslim.

There have been several other suspicious incidents involving Muslim drivers over the last few years. Mohammed Reza Taheri-Azar explicitly grounded his hit-and-run in the teachings of the Koran. Munir Muthana told the police who arrested him that “the Muslims will fix this country.” Omeed Aziz Popal, we were told, was suffering from stress from an arranged marriage. Ismail Yassin Mohamed, we were informed, was mentally ill, suffered from depression, and hadn’t being taking his medication. And Muhammad Teshale, according to “law enforcement officials,” “did it to be famous.”

Coincidence or jihad? Certainly there are a lot of hit-and-run and incidents involving people hit by cars that have nothing to do with Muslims, but in the cases listed here there is a degree of intentionality in these that we do not usually see.

And in this present case, Sam Hassan Daly is described as “devoutly Muslim,” and we’re told that he told police that he blacked out shortly before he drove his cab into the crowd, and that he may have fallen asleep at the wheel. Authorities don’t think that he did it intentionally.

And yet “some victims don’t believe it was an accident,” and bystanders were so enraged when it first happened that they dragged Daly out of his cab and started kicking and punching him — not behavior one usually sees after an accident. Daly, for his part, came out of the cab clutching a pair of scissors, and apparently tried to attack the club manager with them — again, not behavior one usually associates with someone who has just caused a terrible accident and is contrite and horrified.

So has Sam Hassan Daly just committed an act of jihad against the immoral kuffar revelers at the nightclub? We may never know from mainstream media reports, although more clues may emerge in the coming days. In any case, there are some indications already that that may have been what happened, and certainly numerous precedents.

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