Muslims Kidnap Daughter To Convert Daughter

by INFIDEL on February 26, 2011

Everyone knows that when a salesmen isn’t doing so well will start cheating the system to get results. And wouldn’t you know it, when Muslims are making their quota in converts they figure that they can start to kidnap a little girl to sweeten the pot for a Christian mom.

We are told over and over that Islam is the way of a better world. If we would just bow down the the teachings of Muhammad that peace in the middle east would be a reality. But maybe it’s like Obama’s view of socialism and communism, that is, “I know it’s never been successful in any country in history but this is American and in America it can succeed.”

Take a read of this story and tell me the world would be a better place.

A Christian widow in north Sudan is agonizing over the kidnapping of her daughter eight months ago by suspected Islamic extremists in Khartoum.

“Since my daughter was kidnapped, I have been living in a state of fear and terror,” said Ikhlas Anglo, 35, a mother of two daughters.

She said her 15-year-old daughter, Hiba Abdelfadil Anglo, went missing while returning from the Ministry of Education in Khartoum on June 27, 2010. Hiba, a member of Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Khartoum, had gone to the education ministry office to obtain her transcripts for entry to secondary school.

Two days later, the family received threatening telephone calls and SMS messages from the kidnappers telling them to pay 1,500 Sudanese pounds (US$560) in order to secure her return.

“Don’t you want to have this slave back?” one of the kidnappers told Anglo from an unknown location by cell phone, she said.

Anglo and others said they believe the kidnappers are Muslim extremists who have targeted them because they are Christians, and that police are aiding the criminals. She said that when she went to a police station to open a case, police bluntly told her she must first leave Christianity for Islam.

“You must convert to Islam if you want your daughter back,” officer Fakhr El-Dean Mustafa of the Family and Child Protection Unit told Anglo, she said. Recently transferred to another station, Mustafa was not immediately available for comment.

Full story here

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