Please Don’t Tweet About Muhammad….You Could Go To Jail

by INFIDEL on February 17, 2011

Ah yes, all joking aside….no, no, no….all joking about Muhammad aside….even prohibited. Well, Ben Donnelly thought it would be funny to tweet:

“Says in the Holy Qu’ran Mohammad used to get his neighbours to vote by AV which of his 4 wives he’d shag each night.”

The response from the Muslim community was expected:

Muslim groups were outraged, with Labour MP Khalid Mahmood calling for Mr Donnelly to be referred to the police. “This is outrageous and totally Islamophobic,” Mr Mahmood said. “What has Islam got to do with AV?”

Who is Ben?

“Ben Donnelly was dismissed from his volunteer post as a phone bank manager for the Yes To Fairer Votes campaign after his comments provoked a political storm.”

Just another reason why an Islamic government or a governing body is horrible for the freedom of mankind. Read complete story here.

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