“SUCK IT ISRAEL,” Says Obama…I mean Egypt!

by INFIDEL on February 24, 2011

Israel has consistently gotten no love from Obama and, in fact, I don’t think that he cares if Israel existed at all. It’s like Obama thinks that the muslims are the cool kids on the block and the only way to like by them is to beat up on the kid that “looks” wimpy. Take a read of this and tell me you don’t agree.

From www.abna.ir

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – A senior member of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood said there is virtually no peace agreement with the Zionist regime following the recent developments in the country, adding that any treaty not approved by the Egyptian nation must be abrogated.

Kamal Halbavi was speaking to Qudsna when asked about the future of several treaties signed by the former Egyptian regime with the Zionist regime.

The Egyptian nation considers as null and void any agreement between the toppled regime and the Zionist regime which has no respect for justice and rights of the Egyptian people.

He said the world was witnessing massive changes. “People worldwide want to see unjust laws scraped. It is no surprise for the Egyptians to want the same,” he said.

Halbavi then touched on the dismantling of Berlin wall, adding that following the dismantling, many previously signed treaties were abrogated.

He said the time was over for surrender to treaties which have brought humiliation to the Egyptian nation.

Halbavi also called for permanent opening of Gaza crossing and said the closing of the crossing has been a joint conspiracy by the US, Zionist regime and Mubarak’s regime.

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