[Video] Jihad Exposed – Inside Sharia Court

by INFIDEL on February 17, 2011

Stories abound in America where the left demonize politicians who pray before meetings because of the “separation of church and state” in that because a politician prays out loud that they are supporting and indirectly forcing other to follow suit. At the same time the left will yell, “islamophobe” to those who object to Muslims pushing for “muslim sensitivity training.” Interesting isn’t it that Islam from the Qur’an teaches that a government that is pleasing to allah is a theocracy and not a democracy. In short, sharia law is the law of the land in a muslim run government and society. If this were not the case then there would not be muslim problems in America like dearborn Michigan.

It’s a little long but this video conversation with Walid Shoebatt, Anjem ChoudaryDr. M. Zuhdi Jasser and Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad is extremely telling.

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