When Christians Need Obama….He Bows.

by INFIDEL on February 24, 2011

Maybe it’s because Obama thinks too many Muslims have died because of Christians. Maybe he’s willing to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to a faith that demands rights of all man kind for a nod from the Muslims. Do you think that Obama cares if Christians are being slaughtered for believing that all people have rights? I certainly don’t.

Article from News Real Blog by Lisa Graas.

As the Muslim Brotherhood sits at the table of “democracy” in Egypt, Christian monasteries are under assault by the Egyptian military. Does anyone know where President Obama stands on Christianslaughter?

From the Coptic Martyrs comes video and a report on what is happening to the Christians of Egypt:

+ After 25 January Egyptian Revolution Egyptian army hit young Copts by Sonki’s guns & stab wounds in their body in St.Bishoy Coptic Orthodox monastery 23-2-2011

22-23 Jan 2011.
Islamic Egyptian army attack on three Coptic Orthodoxmonasteries in Egypt
the Monastery of St. Bishoy-Wadi El-Natron,
monastery of St. Macarios of Alexandria – Wadi El-Rayan – Fayoum.
Monastery of Saint Paul – Red Sea – the demolition of the walls and the arrest of monks and tortured!!!
Killed a Coptic Orthodox Priest Rev.Dawood Botros by 22 with a knife stabbed in Assiut, Christian Wife abduction from her home in Assiut, burn a Coptic church in Rafah – Sinai, try demolition of a Coptic church in Tahta and brought to the b…ell down from the tower of the church.
These are the achievements of the revolution, January 25Egyptian
This is the real ugly face of Islam….

The White House has been silent on the Christians of Egypt while inviting the Muslim Brotherhood to the table in the establishment of Egypt’s new government. Movement and ‘mainstream media‘ alike are now silent as Egypt’s military launches RPGs against monks in St. Bishoy monastery. Asian media is bringing in sporadic reports about protests in the face of these attacks.

About 7,000 Copts staged a peaceful rally in front of the Coptic Cathedral in Cairo. From there, they marched towards Tahrir Square to protest against attacks by the military on Coptic monasteries.

Where is the media? Where is the President? Oh, he is busy talking about how ‘cautious’ he is going to be with Qaddafi.

Apparently for the President and America’s ‘mainstream media‘, the ‘important stuff’ is over in Tahrir Square. I hear the cries of these 7000 Copts protesting military attacks on monasteries in Tahrir Squareand I ask my President, do they  have a seat at the table? Or are they to be slaughtered like just so much meat that is ‘in the way’ of ‘democracy’?

Video: “Egyptian army kills Coptic monks by live ammunition & demolition of the walls of St.Bishoy monastery


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