Women’s Shelters In Afghanistan Are Immoral?

by INFIDEL on February 26, 2011

I’ve heard it from friends you have frequented Islamic countries that one of the ways Muslim governments and powers try to get Christians out of their country is to say that Christians (Americans) want to get their women into pornography and other sundry muhammad hating acts. So here is the government of Afghanistan attempting to shut down any opportunity for women to have dignity. Since women shelters get women away form abusing husbands, in the name of Allah, and of course the idea that there is a better life for them then it, by default, must be shut down. Since women are inferior to men they thus do not deserve the right to protect them self because the fact of the matter is that if a dog come back after it is beat then why shouldn’t a woman.

Take a look at this:

Afghanistan Tuesday defended a government plan to take over running of shelters for abused women, saying many women were tricked into leaving home without good reason and warning the refuges are rife with corruption.

The plan triggered alarm among rights groups, who warn it will undo important progress made on women’s rights since the 2001 overthrow of the Taliban, by placing victims of abuse at the mercy of a state lacking resources and often subject to the influence of misogynist powerbrokers.

It follows accusations in the Afghan media that such shelters, run by foreign-funded non-governmental organizations, encourage immorality, prostitution and drug abuse.

Afghanistan’s caretaker Minister for Women’s Affairs, Dr Husn Banu Ghazanfar, said the government had found numerous “violations” in the running of shelters.

She suggested they were grossly over-funded and that it was unclear where the money had gone. Though conceding many women faced “problems” at home, Ghazanfar said some were “deceived” into leaving.

“Some of them haven’t had any problems in their homes and later they apologize to their families and to us,” she said.

Ghazanfar said she personally had no evidence of prostitution or drug abuse, but said such rumors had to be stopped.

“We won’t let anyone do whatever they want under the name of a safe-house,” Ghazanfar told a news conference. “We are able to defend the rights of our daughters and women.”

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