100 Muslims Hold Out Door Prayer At Raleigh Mosque

by INFIDEL on March 1, 2011

Who can deny the affects of group prayer in a community. It engenders cohesion and stability but this is all that is all. That is all? It doesn’t say anything about the basic belief system and world view other than like minded people think alike. All I read from this article and hear from others is the peace of the true teachings of Allah via Muhammad on mankind. If it is only a theology of peace and community then why is it a sin for me to find peace and community in another religious belief?

Is it because Allah said so? Allah allows books that speaks of his prophets to become corrupt with no truth in which to adjudicate its validity. In addition, Allah in inconsistent with what he speaks via Muhammad and thus the “truth” of abrogation in the Qur’an.  As a result, we have a god who is quite powerless and talks from the both sides of his mouth.

I think that is why community demonstrations like these are so important to the Islamic faith in America because the simple fact that it’s teachings and theology can not stand on its own in the west. This may be another reason.

With that in mind take a read of this community demonstration.

For the past 1,400 years, Muslims have been performing the five daily prayers that are one of the pillars of their faith.
On Saturday, the call for Asr, the third prayer of the day, rang out over the loudspeaker at the Islamic Center of Raleigh’s open house.

Then an atypical moment took place: A large group of non-Muslims witnessed about 100 followers of Islam pay homage to Allah.

The afternoon event at the Islamic Center on Atwater Drive in West Raleigh was billed as an opportunity for non-Muslims to learn more about Islam. Discussion naturally arose of the uprisings that have recently kicked out the leaders of several Middle Eastern countries with majority Muslim populations.

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