Forced Marriage Unit In Britain Is Slacking Says Abused Girl

by INFIDEL on March 1, 2011

Many people don’t think much about forced marriage. England has a high population of Muslims who live in a free society so you would expect to have some confrontation between the two as we have often seen and read in the media. To confront the growing problem the Forced Marriage Unit has been created in Britain.

No child, under 18, is emotionally ready to be a wife to someone twice her age. And for a father to sell her is despicable. The “husband,” aka pedophile, is placed over the little girl to have authority like a father yet love her like a “wife?”  And to think after having sex the couple can lie in bed while the husband quizzes her on the multiplication tables.

Consider this story:

According to new figures seen by Newsbeat, there were 1,735 incidents of potential or actual cases involving British nationals reported to the forced marriage unit (FMU) in 2010.

More than half of the cases dealt with last year by the government’s forced marriage unit were related to Pakistan.

Meanwhile, almost a third involved people under the age of 18.

Continued . . .

One 15-year-old victim has told Newsbeat that schools and other agencies are not doing enough to help.

The teenager says she was tricked into going to Pakistan by her dad, but she managed to escape days before her wedding to a man twice her age.

continued . . .

The 15-year-old victim has been talking about how she risked her life to escape a forced marriage in Pakistan.

She says her father wanted to marry her off to a man 16 years older than her so he could come to live in the UK.

“It was just about the money,” she admitted.

“He was literally selling me and he was selling my nationality so I could bring the person back.

“I think it would have been £10,000.”

When she refused to marry the man, her father started to beat her.

Continued . . .

People who are worried about becoming victims of forced marriage can take out a forced marriage protection order in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The court injunctions can do a whole range of things, like ban families from taking people abroad for marriage or threatening them.

The maximum penalty for breaking the order is up to two years in jail but there have never been any convictions for this.

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