Israel Wants To Ban The Muslim Brotherhood As A Political Party

by INFIDEL on March 1, 2011

Does anyone ever wonder why most families don’t willingly move into homes where their neighbors have a history of violence? Uh, No. It doesn’t happen because of the high chance that violence is going to spill over and a family member is going to get hurt. For some reason Obama and the like think the complete opposite about the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has a history of violence and they are vocal about it. They want everyone who doesn’t believe like they do to suffer the consequences. So why is Israel the only country that concerned about them?

A senior Israeli official is suggesting the Muslim Brotherhood should be banned from standing in Egyptian elections because it is an extremist organization.

Deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon said Monday Israel would object to the Brotherhood being part of a future government “on the merit of their agenda … and their policies.”

Read more: Egypt could ban Muslim Brotherhood: Israel – The Times of India

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