Hijab The New Unemployement Check From Abercrombie

by INFIDEL on January 4, 2012

It’s official the Hijab is the quickest way for Muslim women to get cash and not work in America. That’s right. Interview for an American job and if you’re not hired then scream:

“It’s because of the Hijab!”

Well that’s what happened to Abercrombie & Fitch. It’s claimed that Abercrombie “discriminated against an observant Muslim woman because she wore a hijab.(1) ” WAIT A MINUTE! You mean to tell me that an “observant Muslim” who thought it would be respectful to Islam to work for a company that got busted by the media because their catalogues were equated to soft porn in 2003? But that is beside the point because the law doesn’t care how devoted someone is to “their faith.”

Abercrombie said that the Hijab wasn’t in accordance to their look of their Brand. Their brand is what makes them money. In a sense the brand of Abercrombie is their business. The teenagers and those early twenty year olds want to look good naked and they feel that they will look good naked if they wear Abercrombie clothes. How does a Hijab help the Abercrombie brand? Do women feel they will look good naked if they wear a Hijab? In fact it doesn’t. If it helped the brand then various styles and colors of Hijabs would be sold to the Abercrombie consumer. But they’re not.

Well the court determined that there was a $20,000 loss of income to this lady because Abercrombie did not show “significant undue hardship if it had made an accommodation” for her.  Well, I have a question. What if I had a religious adversity to taking a bath and as a result customers didn’t want to buy from me and as a result there was a lose of profit to the store. I was able to do my “job” without reservation and I abided by all the rules, regulations, and requirements of the job. Should I not be fired if I don’t do something about my body odor?

So what does this mean? It mean that “muslim” women can go for job interviews wearing their hijab and when they are not employed for legitimate reason they can scream foul play and get a check. In fact, they might as well go to multiple job interviews and cash in the American dream.

I couldn’t figure the best title for this post so here are a few. If you think of any put them in the comments

  1. The Hijab, Free Income For Muslim Women Who Don’t Want To Work
  2. The Hijab Steals 20,000 From Abercrombie & Fitch
  3. The Hijab The New American Dream To Fast Cash

BTY this message may or may not be approved by CAIR say hello to them on twitter at @CAIRNAtional

CAIR’s tweet: Religious attire at work: Abercrombie faces hijab discrimination lawsuits… http://t.co/zVw3JIt7

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    There is NO peace with islam and with islam there will never be peace!

    • Anonymous

      Not if it’s goal is to have a world under Islam. The United States is great because of the freedom that all people no matter their religion have in the United States.

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