What Metallica Taught Us About Muhammad And Islam Concerning Religious Freedom

by INFIDEL on January 2, 2012

Who didn’t listen to Metallica in the 1090′s? They rocked like few do and they have the record sells to prove it. They told a generation to not give into the man and that if the government didn’t like what you had to say then they would shut you up. In fact their famous song Eye of the Beholder said it all,”You Can Do it Your Own Way, If It’s Done Just How I Say.”  Maybe they weren’t talking about the American Government but Islam? If someone speaks out against Muhammad, profanes Islamic text or even…..draws the (No peace in him) Muhammad then you, your friends and family could get seriously killed in a government that embraces Islam.

Here is an explanation of what happens if a Muslim freely chooses to leave the faith:

But from a religious perspective, the act of abandoning one’s religion is a sin punishable by God on the Day of Judgment. If the case in question is one of merely rejecting faith, then there is no worldly punishment. If, however, the crime of undermining the foundations of the society is added to the sin of apostasy, then the case must be referred to a judicial system whose role is to protect the integrity of the society.

Question 1: What happens if a women decides to leave the faith. Can she freely decide to not wear the Hijab? Can she decide that won’t teach her children Islam? What can she freely do that wouldn’t “undermining the foundations of the society” in the mind of the judicial system? What about the Husband? Can he freely leave the faith and determine that his household will no longer adhere to Islamic teachings? I think the answer is a very loud “no” on all parts.

Question 2: If Islam taught freedom of religion then why are all people who are not Muslims classified as Dhimmis?

Throughout Islamic history, we find that Muslims have blatantly violated religious freedoms. Many churches have been converted into mosques, among which the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus. Most of the religious symbols like crosses and statues were destroyed. One of the most serious violations is the fact that Jews and Christians were systematically categorized as Dhimmis; in other words as second-class citizens, who had to pay extra taxes. Excerpt from Talk Morocco 

In America we called that view Jim Crow. That was outlawed because it made Blacks in America second class citizens. Am I wrong here?

What this sounds like is that true Muslims would have a hard time with the US Constitution that gives everyone the freedom to choose a life that they want to live. So it doesn’t make any sense to me why the US with Obama in the lead acquiesce to Muslims decry of “equality” when they are free to worship as they see fit. Oh wait. Islamic teaching holds that all governments and societies should be under Islam rule. What say you?


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  • DeathToHate

    Talk about not only prejudice but entirely untrue. Christians and Jews are freely allowed to practice their religions in all Islamic states, Iran for example has the highest populous of Jews behind Israel and majority stand with the Islamic regime. Additionally, if Muslims had such an issue with the constitution, all of us wouldn’t be here. The Quran teaches believers to uphold and safe-guard not only the Torah but the Injel(Gospels/Bible).just the same. Christians and Jews are considered brothers in faith to most adherent, devoted Muslims. It’s really sad so many ignorant bigots will misrepresent over 1.6 billion people on this earth. Pure bigoted propaganda.

  • MilkaO

    DeathtoHate you are so right. This is the most stupid article I’ve ever read, not to mention the complete misunderstanding of muslim faith. Does this moron know how we muslims call christians and jews ? Our “brothers from the holly books”. Of course we do not hate you. So please stopspreading hate and violence. What good does that do to you ? Imbécile.

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