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drawing muhammad

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  • muslimah

    i hope you all burn in life you sick sick people one day Allah will puniah you for this website and all the criticism you tell about him.

    • Anonymous

      Are you kidding me. Allah is going to punish me for criticizing Islam? Let me get this straight what if I questioned Muhammad about not being aggressive enough when he first evangelized Islam? Would I be wrong even though later he received word from ALLAH that it was okay to kill to evangelize the lost? Jesus Loves you.

      • Khusen06

        evangelized Islam?

    • BK

      This is not about Allah, but about Muhammad.

  • Team America

    Deal with it bro.

    • Anonymous

      I guess I have to for now.

  • Shintoni2011

    You’re doing a great job, sir. We ordinary people haven’t to accept diktat from any religion. Witch god is that, who allowed them to kill
    P.S.: Forgive my bad english. I’m a portuguese spoken christian beliver, but I have no Church.

    • Anonymous

      THanks for the comment. Agreed. The Christian religion is based on the free choice of Jesus being our salvation and man freely choosing that salvation or not.

  • AngryAmerican

     Yea Muslims will have a special place in hell

    • Khusen06

      Which one? Tell please, you are God I see, if you know who will or not be in Hell..

      • guest

        dont muslims believe any nonbeliever will go to hell?
        So i guess you know who will or not. 

  • Muhammad ayaz

    drawingmuhammad you goddamn man if i find u ill kill u n ill cut ur body into 70,000 pieces and u be aware ull be really in a very bad 
    situation, still i offer u that accept islam its a true religion, 
    what it teaches is only peace for humanity not only for 
    muslim but for whole humanity, not even humans also for
     trees and and for animals, what you people know about 
    islam and my beloved MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him)????
    if u want to know the true picture of islam which is presented 
    by MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him)then u can contact me 
    anytime on my this id
    ill feel gud if i help u to guide you to the right path.

    • some person

      Ill cut you into 70k pieces, but peace to animals n stuff. This logic is amazing, thank anyone that I’m not a religious person, as I wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite.

  • BK

    ‘I will cut you in 70,000 pieces but peace to humans and animals.’  Makes a lot of sense.
    Christians are not humans, but SPIRITS.
    Too bad this Muhammad HUMAN put a fork in the road which you subject your society to follow.  Especially those poor women.
    Oh, and the ultimate sin, taking your own life which is in all actuality not yours.  You glorify suicide!  Absurd!

    Onward Christian soldiers.

  • Chris

    Muslims….consider this man Mohammed next to God, mad people…they kill others who speaking ill about mohammed but not about the creator. I seriously dont believe why they get so much angry when some one says truth about him and his lifestyle…he has lived a sinful life, killed people, multiple marriages..etc. Common people wake up he is just a human like us…and dont believe all his words, rather believe the one who was sinless and not a single fault found in him….its none other than JESUS CHRIST.

  • EFreligion

    Christians and Muslims are both wrong! Satan excepts EVERYONE!! You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not…